Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saw The Launch

Wow. That was awesome. I tried to take pictures but forgot to set my camera up to do it. I have 4 pictures. 2 of trees and 2 of total blackness. Wow. Wow. Definitely worth staying up to see.

From SPACEFLIGHT website:

0311 GMT (10:11 p.m. EST Thurs.)

T+plus 87 seconds. The vehicle has broken the sound barrier.

0311 GMT (10:11 p.m. EST Thurs.)

T+plus 60 seconds.

0310 GMT (10:10 p.m. EST Thurs.)

T+plus 30 seconds. The 19-story rocket is roaring into the night on the thrust of its RD-180 main engine. Good engine performance reported.

0310 GMT (10:10 p.m. EST Thurs.)

LIFTOFF! Liftoff of the Atlas 5 rocket on its first mission for the United States Air Force, launching six technology demonstration satellites to blaze a trail for future missions in space.


wRitErsbLock said...

I posted one picture. I haven't downloaded the video we took on RTY's camera. I'll look at that and if it's decent, I'll post it up too.

Thanks for letting me know there was a launch!

Ogre said...

Aren't those launches just absolutely incredible. They're worth watching every single time, if just to marvel at the pure ability and knowledge that has been amassed to accomplish such a feat.

Tink said...

You forgot to mention that you forgot to tell Brains you were headed out to watch it and he missed it; after telling you all about it.