Thursday, March 01, 2007

Name That Picture

Seems Tater is becoming quite the artist. Of course, being his mom... I recognized both pictures right away. Curiousity got the better of me and I'm wondering if you can figure out what Tater drew.

picture 1:

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picture 2:

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Good luck. I'll post the answers tomorrow.


Tink said...

Yes and YES....... Ahhhhhhhh, calgon take me away.

Rave said...

The first one is obviously a mouse...don't know if it should have a proper name or maybe Chuck E Cheese or Mickey Mouse or Algernon.

...the second one looks like a fighter jet from Star Wars...I forget what they're called.

How'd I do?

vw bug said...

Rave: You got the Tie Fighters correct. He drew both type of Tie Fighters. The ears are not quite right for the animal he drew... but you had good guesses.

Bou said...

My first guess was mouse, but I think its one of those little fuzzy guys from Star Wars. I can't remember the names. They look like little teddy bears.

And the star wars fighters are next.

Ogre said...

'tis a GIANT bunny with HUGE POINTY teeth! He's flying over the hills and he's carrying a death ray-gun in his right hand as he prepares to throw a large shark that he's slowly squeezing to death in his left hand at the home of the Superfriends, cleverly disguised as a flower.

Contagion said...

I got the Tie Fighters right away, I think the top one is a cat eating a fish.

vw bug said...

The first one has nothing to do with Star Wars... but Ogre is getting closer. ;-) My son hasn't quite gotten to the death ray in an animals hand yet... It's coming soon, I know.

Bou said...

OK. Next guess. Easter Bunny holding a loaf of bread?

and if not, Easter Bunny holding an egg...

If the last one is right, Tater and I shall be working on the word "proportion" at our next drawing session at breakfast!! ;-)

michele said...

Dudette, my son insisted I write down his interpretation without reading your comments. After we'll go back to check if we were right.

Fig 1) a mouse being kissed by a fish while looking at a flower.

Fig 2) Tai fighters from the Star Wars movies.

He said he liked the game and we should do it again. Didn't know it was a game, but it was fun enough to be a regular feature: Describe the modern art!