Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pictures Tot Took

Each boy got a camera. Phew. And here is a sample of Tot's picture taking:

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I wonder why my boys like taking pictures of feet?


Lemon Stand said...

My kids like to take pictures of feet two. If you ever discover the motivation, let me know. Until then, enjoy it... It is probably the only time said feet are not going at warp speed when not in bed!

Ogre said...

Perspective -- it's what they see at that level?

Sissy said...

I think it's such a good idea to give kids a camera. It's an "simple" way of expression and kids are so pure anyway, they see things in a great way.

Cracks me up the pic of the ceiling fan. You know that's something that facinates them and he felt it was deserving of a picture. Too funny!

Jen said...

lol if I could look down and see my feet, I'd probably take a picture of them too :)

But since having kids my feet are nowhere to be found. sigh