Friday, March 23, 2007

Mammaw Has Flown the Coup

It has been depressing here today. Mammaw left to go home. Hopefully, I will be in the mood to post more tomorrow night. I have some great pictures and enjoyed her visit more than I can put into words. Trust me, I have tried to put into words. I want my boys to read this in the future and understand... later... I'll try again.

Mammaw, I miss you and I love you.


Roses said...

I'm sorry!
Commented on the wrong post!

(But you figured that out.)

Roses said...

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Bobby said...

Hey VW,

Thank-you for asking your friends! Thankk-you to VW friends for info. Brother and I hunnt, dig up etc. the bottles you see no buying.

Well, Grandmom can not figure out her digital oven and is frustrated... Pray I survive the fireworks...

Hey, just have your mom come live with you? That would be great for Tater and Tot and even out the to many men in the house......

Marie said...

Hope your Mom is planning her next visit... it's great that y'all had such a good time.