Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trains or Trains?

We still play trains, now it is a decision as to whether we play Thomas the Tank Engine or GeoTrax. Here we are with the GeoTrax.

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And here we are with the Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Notice the drawer full of track in the upper right... along with the drawer full of trains and accessories above it.

Yep, we got trains in this household!


Marie said...


If my son visited your house, he'd NEVER want to leave!!!

We will be getting heaps & heaps of hand-me-down Brios from our nephews very soon. It will be a big day in our house. I can just see my husband pushing the little guy out of his way so he can play!

Oddybobo said...

We are all about the Geotrax at our place!

caltechgirl said...

have you seen the Thomas Aquadoodle? You can draw your own tracks on the pad..... Looked cool in the store, but I have no idea how the train actually follows the drawn tracks.

GUYK said...

I like trains. I always though trains were more for daddy's than for tots. There is a hobby store in the Tampa area called Franks Trains that has just about any thing you could want for a model train set up. He has a huge display that I have stood and watched for an hour.

_Jon said...

OK, when I come down to stay with Bou, I'll be spending a few hours playing with THOSE!!!!

That 1 Guy said...

Sorry, but I just can't help it...

"Who's the trains of this outfit?"

VW Bug said...

Marie: I'd only pull them out for you. I hide them when his friends come over.

Oddybobo: I love them

Caltechgirl: Seen it, trying to avoid it. Enough stuff already!

Guyk: Love those model trains

_Jon: Only if you let the kids play as well. GRIN

T1G: Too funny!!!