Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Become a Card

Sniff sniff. No one has nominated me to be the 3 of Diamonds. Even though I qualify by being a Large Mammal, I can see everyone reading this and laughing. Ok, snickering. A blog about family life and kids??? What does that have that would qualify for a card? Poop, Pe-nis discussions, b00bs, Dreaded Wed humor, and the most important - Super Pickle Boy and Super Chicken Boy (aka Tater and Tot). Also, it looks like it is those with the most votes that get in a suit. Sigh. If I just knew more of these people:

If you can get a Higher Being, Mortal Humor or Playful Primate to nomiate you, 10 votes will be added to your vote total.

Just joking about becoming a card - I am one already! But I love the idea of a deck of cards from the bloggers I read.. Help out some of my favorites... There is voting going on now for the Club Suit. Go HERE and vote for your favorite military blog Blackfive! It is on the left of the screen. Click on Blackfive, scroll down and press vote.

And some of my others coming up soon:

CaltechGirl's nomination for any card!
Bou's nomination for Queen of Hearts
Graumagus for a Spade
Harvey (who wants to be the 2 of hearts = though there is a question as to whether he wants 12 women on top of him or if he is just feeling 'girly' (see comments).

OddyBobo's nominated for Queen of Hearts (eek, now who do I vote for???)
Ogre's been nominated for a Spade

More people will be added as I find out about them. Go check it out. Have some fun.


oddybobo said...

I got nominated for queen of hearts too, by Sadie and I've nominated you!

Bobo Blogger said...

A Card! A Card!

Well, here are my nominations for the 2005 Deck O'Bloggers. I won't rehash the rules, you go and get them here. Sadie has nominated me for Queen of Hearts, I am flattered, completely flattered, but as I'm not sure I...

Richmond said...

I look forward to voting -- I think it's great! And you should definitely get a card VW. :)

Sticks said...

Anyone who can get #1 for plugging butts should have their own card.

Bou said...

Vote for Oddy! I'm just honored that you would put me up, oh great blogdaughter! Seriously. Oddy is a great blog, so put her down.

VW Bug said...

Bou: Graumagus started it. I just added my name to the nomination. I think it's great! I love Oddy's blog as well. It should be fun.

Bou said...

It will be, but geez, I am so not worthy of the Q of H. But thank you for thinking of me! And Grau I am very touched by Grau. I have a great blog family!