Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Answers Are:

1. The Hairbrush Song from Veggie Tales

2. Hot Potato from the Wiggles

3. I Love My Lips from Veggie Tales

4. The Yodeling Veternarian of the Alps from Veggie Tales (my son absolutely loves this cartoon and song)

5. Cocky Want A Cracker from the Wiggles

6. I'm the Map from Dora the Explorer

7. That's the Way Loves Goes by Janet Jackson

And many thanks to Marie, CalTechGirl, Suze, Oddybobo. Please go say hi to each of them and say you were sent by VW Bug, Wiggles and Veggie Tales.

UPDATE: There is now a link to Suze!!!


Contagion said...

If I had played, I would have gotten 5 of them right. My man status is protected for a while longer.

GUYK said...

Never heard of any of them except for the broad who showed her boob on TV during halftime at the superbowl. Guess I spent too much time in the pool halls

oddybobo said...

I didn't know Cocky want a Cracker. I don't know why, as the Wiggles are a staple in my house. We had potatoes at a Steelers party last night and I started singing Hot Potato and no less that four adults and three kids, including my own, joined in! It's infectious!

suzeisnotfooledbyislam said...

There's my link - I don't blog as much as youse guys (new yorkism), but I do SOMETIMES.......so thanks!!