Friday, October 21, 2005


Saw this picture at NOAA and had to put it on my Blog. Take a look at Florida!

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And Bou has kindly been updating a picture of those bloggers we know that live in Florida. Take a peek HERE. Leave a comment if you see someone missing.


Contagion said...

Uh, I think this is nature's way of telling everyone that she doesn't want people living in Florida. :)

GUYK said...

we got nearly two inches of rain yesterday afternoon and probably that much this afternoon and it is still comin in bands. If this was anywhere but sandy Florida we would sink up to our butts in mud.

GUYK said...

I like the one of Wilam that you sent better.

Ogre said...

I used to live there (in Florida). But *I* heard the whispered "GET OUT." So I did. :)