Monday, October 17, 2005

It's Fall... Do You Hear Me Wilma?

This morning I turned on the cold water and ... COLD water came out of the faucet. That means we are finally getting into the Fall season in South Florida. With that in mind... Go AWAY Tropical StormHurricane Wilma.

Can you believe it? Cold Water and we still get a storm.

Update: She is now a Hurricane. Ugh.


GUYK said...

getting kind of tired of them but there ain't a hell of a lot I can do about it. Cuss and discuss but it still blows just as hard no matter what. I may take a trip out west if it is headed our way.

pam said...

I'm just sick and tired of them. Tired of stocking up, watching the approach, wondering where it'll come ashore, bolting plywood onto the house [which is now so full of holes it looks like Swiss cheese], putting plans on hold... and cleaning up after.

ALL of it!

Do feel better now that I've vented, though. Thanks! ;)

VW Bug said...

You and me both. Go ahead and vent, vent, vent. I have an open house this weekend to help try and sell this house. Not very good if there is a hurricane heading this way. Sigh. Look how well the house looks in hurricane shutters. Very Attractive (sarcasm).

Harvey said...

Me, I just want to hit Alpha so we can say we set a record.

Plus, it'll make the global warming crowd start pointing fingers - which is ALWAYS good for a laugh :-)