Sunday, October 23, 2005

Need Caption for This Picture

Here is my niece's son, B:

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I thought of a whole lot of different captions but none seem to fit quite right. What do you think?

Yep, my sister, Tink, is a grandmother to kids that are around the same ages as mine. What a weird spred of kids.

She took some really cute pictures of B in that hat. The rest are in the extended entry with a story, press More Pawprints to see them.

I was trying to come up with a story on this one. My imagination is lacking this morning.

Here is Indiana JonesB deciding to go on a trip:

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Indiana JonesB is now headed towards the SuitCase of Golden Toys:

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"It's this way! Hurry", says Indiana JonesB:

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Finally, we have reached the Suitcase of Golden Toys. Yipee!

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h said...

"Frankie's back in town!"

Richmond said...

Well, for the first picture:

"Yeah, that Mr. Peanut took all of his style points from me!"

What a cutie pie!

Tink said...

Still liked mine: "No staples needed to keep this fedora on."

pam said...

That first picture just smacks of an old western to me... High Noon? "The Sheriff's gunning for me" sort of thing... :D

Marie said...

I'm Bad!!! I'm Bad!!!

too cute!