Thursday, February 15, 2007

Couldn't You Just Snuggle?

There are days when my boys just make me want to snuggle up next to them. One is when they end up on the couch like this:

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= = = =

And this is why Tot has so many problems when he gets a runny nose!!!!


Lemon Stand said...

Ah, snuggle time. Since my two oldest are now taller than me, it's a little hard to snuggle with them but I still try with the youngest.

Bou said...

He's so yummy. Heh... too bad his favorite phrase is, "No Aunt Bou!" ;-)

Marie said...

Little honey bun! That's a familiar sight here too. ;-)

michele said...

This is a precious picture! They look so angelic when they sleep, don't they?